Ways to have inexpensive packaging

Ways to have inexpensive packaging

In the current circumstances, considering the challenges that online businesses face, having affordable packaging can be crucial. But how can one have attractive yet affordable packaging? This question has likely crossed the minds of many businesses. Can purchasing cheap cardboard boxes or postal cartons be a suitable answer? How can inexpensive packaging be turned into a valuable gift for customers? In the following, we’ll examine these matters together.

Choosing the Right Box as the First Step for Inexpensive Packaging

Inexpensive Packaging

An important point when packaging is selecting a suitable box. But what does a suitable box mean? As you know, not all boxes are suitable for shipping. If your chosen box requires a postal carton for shipping, it will add to your costs. That’s why our recommendation is to use cheap keyboard boxes or postal cartons for packaging your products. These boxes can easily be sent by post, and you won’t incur any additional costs. Postal cartons come in a wide variety of sizes and are available in both plain and logo-printed types.

Make Packaging Special with a Gift Tag

Affordable packaging can be made special with gift tags from Pivazh. Pivazh offers various types of gift tags for sale. Thank you tags for purchases and well-wishing tags for customers are available at low prices. This way, you won’t spend much, but you’ll surprise the customer with these special tags. You can also write a handwritten note on a simple piece of paper to thank the customer for their purchase. Seeing your handwriting and the positive sentiment conveyed through this gesture can keep the customer with you for a long time.

Affordable packaging

Postal Packet as a Simple and Inexpensive Choice

If you don’t want to use boxes, you can consider opening special accounts for postal packets. These packets are simple packaging solutions suitable for the initial days of your business. However, keep in mind that postal packets lack the attractiveness of boxes. To beautify this inexpensive packaging, you can use kraft or parchment paper to wrap the product and place it inside the postal packet. Colored ribbons can also make this packaging significantly more appealing.
Look for Simple Solutions

In the beginning stages of your business or when facing a crisis, set aside some personal obsessions. You can easily sustain conditions by saving on some expenses. After conditions improve, focus on changing your packaging and branding your business. In stable conditions, you can consider options like printing your logo on the box, using windowed boxes, and more to take your business forward.

Order Inexpensive Packaging Supplies Online

Trust Pivazh for affordable packaging. All our prices on the Pivazh website are as minimal as possible, and you can have the best choices with minimal costs. To order from the Pivazh website, simply go to the product category of your choice and then add it to your shopping cart. This way, your product will be delivered to you within a few business days.


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