Tips for packaging small products

Tips for packaging small products

if you are preparing for future shipments, be sure to consider the best way to package smaller items such as accessories, jewelry, etc. To ensure that they are all safe, follow these tips for packaging small products. Familiarizing yourself with these tips is even useful for packaging small and delicate items for moving. Remember that choosing the right packaging materials is crucial at every stage.

What do you need for packaging products?

Packaging small products is very delicate because they can easily get damaged or lost. Therefore, you should choose the right packaging materials before anything else.

  • Sturdy cardboard box or container
  • Wide adhesive tape to prevent box opening
  • Marker or pen with suitable and clear ink colors
  • Packaging papers such as straw paper, craft paper, etc.
  • Nylon or bubble wrap for fragile items

The best way to package items

If you have access to the original box for shipping or moving, use the original box and its packaging again. If you don’t have the original box, find a sturdy box of the appropriate size for packaging small products and follow these steps:

The best way to package items
  1. Cover sharp edges and corners: Paying attention to covering sharp edges and corners helps protect the box and the product from scratches and damage (and prevents corner breakage). If you don’t have foam, you can use bubble wrap.
  2. Protect smaller parts: Packaging small products is challenging enough, so it’s better to attach things like extra details, accessories, and other movable parts to the box. Pack larger parts in the overall product box. If possible, place smaller parts such as hooks, chains, or buttons inside a zip-lock bag and then place it in the box.
  3. Securely wrap small products: The likelihood of the box being lost or damaged increases with its small size. So, you need to close the box of these types of products well. Cover the box with packing paper. Bubble wrap provides extra protection.
  4. Place the product correctly in the box: If you are placing several items in one box, put the heavier items at the bottom and the lighter and smaller items on top.
  5. Close the box and seal it: Use a label to tag the box contents, and if it contains glass or easily breakable pieces, write “fragile.”

Packaging small products with a mailer box

The mailer cardboard box is a practical packaging with attractive features. The first feature is that its lid opens like a laptop. It is a suitable box for packaging small and lightweight products. It is often made of three-layer corrugated cardboard and has a lockable lid. In addition, mailer boxes are suitable for packaging for moving. Pivazh boxes come in 43 different sizes. These boxes, with a minimum order of 10 units, are a suitable choice for small businesses in the field of packaging. Moreover, Pivazh provides the possibility of producing custom dimensions for this product with a minimum order of 200 units.


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