The use of kraft paper in packaging various products

Paper has a special place in the packaging and printing industry. Various types of paper are available in the market with different weights. Among them, kraft paper is particularly popular due to its reasonable price and diverse texture. The applications of kraft paper include packaging various products, newspaper and magazine printing, and even design and painting. In this article, we will explore some of the uses of this type of paper.

History of Kraft Paper

This type of paper was first invented about two centuries ago in Canada. A Canadian scientist was attempting to produce a type of paper pulp from agricultural waste. The main goal was to produce inexpensive and efficient paper. This paper faced significant acceptance from people living in 1844. However, prior to this, industries in many Asian and African countries had been using agricultural waste for paper production. Today, kraft paper is divided into various types based on its application:

  • Bamboo kraft paper, which is produced from bamboo plant branches.
  • Wheat and barley straw kraft paper, produced from the remaining stems after threshing.
  • Rice straw kraft paper, made from leftover rice husks.

Packaging and Printing Industry

The use of kraft paper

Most of these papers are usually transparent and have a smooth texture. They also have good absorbency compared to other papers. Moreover, being entirely plant-based, they are easily recyclable after use. The most important reason for businesses to use this product is its affordable price compared to its quality.

Uses of Kraft Paper

Kraft paper has numerous uses, including one of the most common, which is packaging various products such as fast food, mail, and more. Another common use of this type of paper is for sketching, which is very popular. In today’s world, these papers are also used to produce disposable cups and napkins. In the past, they were highly favored among printers and newspaper publishers.

Food Industry and Fast Food Packaging

Food Industry and Fast Food Packaging

Papers have always been the safest and most hygienic choice for packaging food products. Kraft papers, being made from recycled coniferous tree fibers, have various applications in the packaging industry. You can use this product in your restaurant for pizza underlay or sandwich wrapping.

Printing and Newspapers

Kraft papers are one of the best choices in the printing industry. Lightweight, high resistance, and reasonable prices are the key features of this product. According to the latest statistics, out of every 100 magazines, 74 of them are printed on kraft paper in Asia. Although in recent years, due to people’s inclination towards reading news and books online, the use of kraft paper has also decreased. However, this type of paper is still the best choice for publishers for printing and even for students for sketch pads.

Product Packaging in Stores

The use of kraft paper has not diminished even with the emergence of technology in stores. The pleasant smell and prominent texture of this product turn your order into a nostalgic box. Moreover, various types of papers are also used as shock absorbers. The most important reason for using papers in the packaging industry is their flexibility and availability.

The best brands of newspaper or strow paper are Russian, Norwegian, and Korean. However, Indian papers are also available in the market, and their quality is more acceptable considering their price. You can purchase their Indian type in 50 x 70 cm sheets and in one-kilogram packaging from paper suppliers.


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