The Role of Packaging in Advertising

The Role of Packaging in Advertising

Packaging plays a critical yet often underestimated role in advertising and can be a key element in your marketing strategy. When packaging and advertising work together, they can create a powerful marketing impact, regardless of budget constraints. Therefore, packaging as an advertising tool for your brand deserves significant attention.

Why is Packaging an Important Advertising Tool?

Packaging in Advertising

Let’s revisit the essential elements of marketing: product, price, place, and promotion. These aspects are always considered during marketing meetings. Now, let’s analyze the role of product packaging in advertising. Is having a great product alone enough?

Imagine yourself in a store shopping for shampoo. You walk through the aisle and look at all the bottles containing the product you want. You study the bottles, and eventually, one catches your attention long enough for you to read what’s written on it. Sometimes, the product message is compelling enough to persuade you to pick it up and buy it.

When you went to the store for shampoo, what convinced you was the bottle, not the actual product. This is just one example of the importance of packaging. Even if it were the best shampoo in the world, without proper packaging design, you would never interact with the product. You don’t even need to see a TV commercial or a Facebook ad to convince yourself. The packaging did all the talking and signed the deal. Therefore, packaging can go beyond just containing the product; it can create a real experience.

Packaging Extends the Shopping Experience

Consider Apple as an example.

When purchasing one of their products, you usually visit a store to touch and play with the actual items before deciding to buy. Once you decide on a new iPhone or MacBook and purchase it, you don’t immediately receive the product. Apple places significant emphasis on packaging in advertising.

You receive the box containing the product. The funny thing is, even though you know exactly what you bought, you are still very excited to go home and open the box. When you finally open it at home, everything is perfectly packaged. The size of the box matches the product perfectly, like a glove. There are also various booklets providing information about the product, how to set it up, and different accessories. This illustrates the importance of packaging in advertising.

How Can Your Small Business Benefit from Using Packaging as a Means of Advertising?

Packaging in Advertising

Aside from using it to boost sales, there are other advantages to using packaging to advertise your brand.

1. Create Loyal Customers for Your Brand

2. Increase Brand Recognition

Customers who shop both online and offline always appreciate attention to detail. You might offer the most convenient customer journey and the best customer service, but an attractive package will make your customers easily remember you and want to shop with you again.

Packaging has the potential to generate free advertising for your brand. With the rise of e-commerce, another trend has emerged: “unboxing” videos. A quick search on YouTube reveals endless videos. If you create intricate packaging that amazes your target audience, you open the door for one (or many) of them to make and upload videos about your product.


Packaging is an essential part of advertising that should not be overlooked. Its design, quality, and the experience it provides can significantly influence a customer’s decision to buy and their perception of your brand. By leveraging packaging as an advertising tool, you can create memorable experiences, increase customer loyalty, and enhance brand recognition. This strategic use of packaging can ultimately set your small business apart in a competitive market.





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