benefits of kraft paper

The benefits of kraft paper for your packaging supply chain

The term “kraft paper” likely evokes several images for you. You might think of your mother packing your school sandwiches or recall it as just another material in your online purchases. You might also associate it with a crafting material—simple kraft or craft paper. However, Kraft paper, in its simplest form, is a type of cardboard. It can also be used as a flat, thin sheet, which is why Kraft paper offers hundreds, even thousands, of benefits within the packaging supply chain. This simple brown paper can be significantly beneficial for your business, enhancing security, branding, environmental impact, and cost savings.

What is Kraft Paper?

Kraft paper is a natural, biodegradable material widely used in various industrial and commercial operations for packaging and protection. Its natural “woody” texture makes it suitable for a wide range of branding options. The name “Kraft” originates from the German word meaning “strength” or “power.”

In the late 1800s, engineer Carl F. Dahl worked at a paper mill to create the best possible paper products. He discovered that several types of paper were not strong enough for their intended use. Therefore, Dahl began altering the chemicals used during the production process. When wood chips enter the paper mill to be turned into paper, they are pulped and mixed with an adhesive. Dahl found that processing one of the wood chip elements with sulfate after pulping made the final material stronger. This strength is one of the main benefits of kraft paper.

Types of Brown Paper

What is Kraft Paper?

Different types of kraft paper offer various benefits. The primary difference lies in the fibers used to make the materials (virgin or recycled), but there are also differences in the manufacturing process. Unbleached, uncoated Kraft paper is the most basic and common form of brown paper. It maintains its natural color, giving it a raw, earthy look. It is highly tear-resistant and can be stiff without being heavy and rough.

Coated kraft paper usually has an added white coating, showing some of its natural texture but appearing white instead of brown. This makes it an excellent blank canvas for custom printed boxes whenever other colors are needed. This type of paper is also used in keyboard boxes.

Benefits of Kraft Paper

One of the primary benefits of recycled Kraft paper is its incredible strength due to increased sulfur and reduced lignin content. This sturdier form of paper has greater durability than alternative materials in most environments and is much more puncture-resistant than new paper. Brown paper can be made from various woods such as pine, bamboo, and oak, making it easier to produce and readily available, thus reducing its cost. Many Kraft papers are made from imperfect trees unsuitable for other functions.

Another advantage of Kraft paper is that it retains its natural color and texture, eliminating the need for additional bleaching steps. This saves costs by reducing the number of materials needed and keeps chemicals out of the environment.

The packaging supply chain uses minimalism on its Kraft cardboard to create a memorable unboxing and online shopping experience. Traditionally, waxed Kraft paper was used for wrapping meat.

Environmental Benefits

Kraft paper is highly environmentally friendly for several reasons. The virgin pulps used in Pivazh’s products, including Kraft, are all FSC certified. This means that while your materials are made from new raw materials, they are grown, harvested, and processed sustainably, ethically, and, importantly, renew ably.

Biodegradability: If Kraft-coated brown paper or corrugated cardboard is left in nature for any reason, it will naturally start composting. Within a few weeks, it will disappear back into the ground (as long as no additional substances are present in the ink). No trace of your kraft paper will remain.


Kraft paper is something we encounter daily. Its versatility for both boxes and paper gives it a vital role in your packaging supply chain as a protector and a canvas for your brand. Online purchasing of various packaging supplies helps reduce costs and saves time. Explore the wide range of Kraft papers and packaging essentials at Piwaj and experience excellent packaging solutions through online shopping!


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