pillow box and its usage

pillow box and its usage

What is a pillow box? What is its use? How does it differ from other packaging boxes? This type of box belongs to the category of cardboard packaging and is a suitable option for packaging certain items and specific products. Pillow boxes come in different sizes and are available in the Iranian market. In this text, we will explore the uses of pillow boxes together.

What is a pillow box?

The general shape of this box is somewhat similar to bed boxes. Pillow boxes usually do not have much length, width, or thickness. For this reason, they are generally used for packaging small-sized products. These types of boxes are also called pillow packets or pillow packs.

Pillow boxes are available in both custom and raw forms in the market. In custom form, these boxes can be designed and printed with any design you have in mind. While in the existing samples, the boxes are completely raw and do not have any printing on them. Custom design includes the brand name, logo, or any type of advertising slogan related to your business that can be printed on the box. Another category of boxes in the printing industry allows you to print single-color silk or multi-color laminate.

Types of cardboard for this type of box

pillow box

Cardboard come in various types. Each type of cardboard is selected based on the application and dimensions of the box. All cardboard sheets come in different colors and weights and cannot be summarized into a single quality. However, Swedish and Iranian kraft types are more popular in the production of various pillow boxes.

  • Glossy cardboard in various colors
  • Swedish, Indian, and Iranian Kraft
  • Indarbird in various colors
  • Fabriano in various colors
  • Gray back sheets

Uses of pillow packs

This type of packaging use for packaging and packaging many products, such as:

  • Scarves and shawls
  • T-shirts and various socks
  • Jewelry and accessories
  • Small souvenirs
  • Underwear and crop tops
  • Stationery and labels
  • Cosmetics
  • Mobile accessories

In general, the thickness or weight of the cardboard used in the production of this type of box varies depending on the application of the pillow boxes. Therefore, pillow boxes are the best option for packaging small and delicate products.

Types of pillow box at Pivazh

Pillow packs are suitable for special tastes. If you are tired of regular boxes and looking for variety in packaging, do not hesitate to choose a pillow pack. You can use pillow packets for packaging scarves and shawls, clothing, or for packaging smaller items such as accessories and jewelry.

Peyvaj pillow boxes come in 6 different sizes. From 8.5 by 6 by 3.5 cm to 25 by 29 by 10 cm. You can order all these boxes on the Pivazh website with a minimum order of 10 pieces. Pillow packs take up little space and therefore do not require much storage space. Making them is also very easy and takes less than 1 minute.

Packaging scarves, shawls, or clothes is very easy with larger-sized pillow packs. This type of box is different from other options available to you, such as keyboard boxes, and has a special design. It is important to note that to send a pillow box, you must use a carton or postal packet.


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