How to build a reputable brand and create trust?

How to build a reputable brand and create trust?

Many people, when they think about building a reputable brand, think about logos, colors, and fonts, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. The most powerful part of a brand is what lies beneath the surface. It’s this underlying aspect that sets apart ordinary brands from iconic ones. It’s what’s beneath the surface that makes your target customers strive to buy your products or services, even when they could get a similar product elsewhere. And they’re willing to pay more for it! Building customer trust is the cornerstone of your brand.

Why is creating a reputable brand so important today?

Products are made in a factory, but brands are created in the mind. I love that sentence because it’s very true. Today, brands are very important because the way we do business has evolved. It’s shifted from “products” to “features,” “benefits,” and “experiences,” and today, the strongest attraction for a reputable brand is identity. If you can connect with your customers on the level of brand identity, you’ll have a lifelong customer/advocate.

The first step to starting a reputable brand is to begin by answering three important questions. Who are you? What do you do? Why does it matter? The last question, “Why does it matter?” is the most crucial question for your target customer, as “mattering” is the essence of new marketing.

How can we, as a small business, build trust?

Customer Trust

Focusing on sales or business success metrics like “scheduled appearances,” “total sales,” or “new subscribers” is easy for us, but each of these key performance indicators must come before building trust with the target customer! If your customers can’t trust what you say, they won’t follow, buy, download, schedule, or anything else! However, your success rates in each of these metrics improve dramatically if you can build trust before presenting and even increase it. Many reputable brands today have more than just excellent quality; they have the trust of their customers.

What kinds of claims do reputable brand make?

Five common types of claims made by businesses and reputable brands – and require evidence to back them up – are easy claims, comparable claims, commitment, connection, and competence.

Ease claims include claims about speed, ease of use, or compatibility of your products or services. Think about what sets your product apart from similar versions on the market. Does it make a significant difference in time, materials, precision, and quality, or not?

Comparable claims are those that show something about your brand, like durability or quality, compared to another brand. For example, think of Energizer’s campaigns with slogans like “Keeps going and going and going…”

Connection claims are those that certify your relationship, often with your customers or community. (These may seem similar to commitment claims, but with the difference that they involve a two-way relationship, not just one-sided effort). Think of the Olive Garden slogan: “When you’re here, you’re family,” or anytime a business says you’re “not just a number.”

Competence claims are those that relate to how well you do what you say, often highlighting your experience, expertise, or legacy. Many companies make claims like these by highlighting their length of operation with phrases like “Established 1325” or “Since 1305” or by celebrating a milestone.

What’s the best way to create social proof?

One of the simplest ways to create social proof is through testimonials, in the form of quotes. Whether quoting industry experts or customers, testimonials ensure that not only you are saying good things about your company. Your audience doesn’t have to take your word for it – they can hear it from someone else’s mouth!


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