Beginner Guide Instagram reels

Beginner Guide Instagram reels

You’ve surely noticed that Reels have taken over Instagram. You might be wondering what they are about and how you can get started. Instagram, which was once photo-centric, has now turned its attention to the viral appeal of short videos. Seemingly overnight, Instagram’s infamous algorithm, which dictates who sees what, prioritized Reels creation. This shift left brands and Instagram businesses scrambling to adapt from simple photos to shooting, editing, posting, and uploading engaging videos. Perhaps that’s how it got its name.

Why are Instagram Reels so important for your brand or business?

Initially dominated by Vine and later, perhaps more virally, by TikTok, short videos have taken over Instagram and Facebook. Despite their rising popularity, creating Reels on Instagram is still relatively new, and Instagram continues to prioritize them in its algorithm. Notably, new and creative Reels that use Instagram’s own editing tools and filters, rather than simply reposting watermarked TikTok videos, are favored. Therefore, if you want your brand and content to be seen by more people, it’s time to start making Reels.

What should your Reels be about?

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There are countless interests, viral challenges, remixes, and audio clips you can use to create your Instagram Reels. To claim your share of the billions of eyes glued to Instagram. The best way to discover trending content is through the Explore page for Reels. You can also create a video about anything you want. the main rule of Instagram’s algorithm is that there are no specific rules. From a branding perspective, it’s best to keep your Reels aligned with your brand name and other content.

How do you create Instagram Reels ?

In its simplest form, an Instagram Reel can be a video up to 60 seconds long. You can record your video with anything you want – mobile phone, digital camera, action camera – as long as you create the video in MP4 format and a 9:16 vertical aspect ratio for optimal viewing on mobile phones. You can also create and edit Instagram Reels in video editing apps like inShut and Canva.

Start experimenting with Reels

So, there you have it. A few tips, ideas, tools, and templates to help you get started with making Instagram Reels. If you need a reminder, here are some apps to use for creating videosو the basics of the timeline, and how to use sound in videos. There are various ideas for making Reels and videos for Instagram businesses. You can use the trendiest ones according to the nature of your brand.


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