What is Pivazh?

We are an Iranian company based in Tehran. We specialize in producing high-quality kraft mailer boxes in various sizes at affordable prices. Our products are available for online purchase and delivery to different countries, such as Iraq and beyond. Please take a look at our products, and feel free to reach out to us on Instagram or WhatsApp if you have any questions.

Mailer Boxes

  • Three-layer corrugated flute with kraft cover
  • No printing
  • 43 assorted sizes
  • No need for adhesive
  • More quantity, more discount!

The Kraft mailer box is an eco-friendly packaging solution made from recycled materials. It provides a sturdy and sustainable option for shipping and storing various items. With its simple yet durable design, the Kraft mailer box offers a reliable and environmentally conscious choice for businesses and individuals seeking responsible packaging solutions.

The mailer boxes come in a versatile assortment of 43 sizes, offering a customizable packaging solution for various items. These boxes are designed for efficient shipping, ensuring a secure and snug fit for diverse products. With a range of sizes, businesses can find the perfect mailer box to meet their specific packaging needs.

The mailer boxes are available at an exceptionally affordable price, making them a cost-effective packaging choice for businesses and individuals. Despite their budget-friendly nature, these boxes maintain quality and durability, providing an economical yet reliable solution for shipping and packaging needs without compromising on value.

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